Beginning the Blog

Does the internet or the world for that matter need another blog?  Of course not!  Is the world crying out for me to share my thoughts, passions and opinions with it?  Probably not.  Why then is Heath Taylor beginning a blog?

Well, Abraham Piper convinced me a few weeks ago that every pastor should blog.  He listed a few very good reasons that you can read here:

I started thinking about it and asking God if He was talking to me through Abraham Piper, a man I’ve never met.  God began to show me that He frequently speaks to me through men I’ve never met.

Consider Adam.  God says to me through Adam, “I did not create you to be alone Heath.”  “I have given you a help-meat in Lisa your wife.  Love her.  Cherish her.  Protect her and provide for her.  Remember that I love her more than you ever will and one day I will speak to you face to face as I did with Adam in the garden and you will give an account so take this sacred responsibility seriously.”  God says this to me through Adam in Genesis 2 and 3.

He speaks to me through King David in Psalm 51. He says, “Your sin is against me and me alone, and I consider it evil!” “Ask me for mercy and I will hide my face from your sins.”

God speaks to me through Micah. He says, “There is none like me Heath!” “I pardon your iniquity and pass over your transgression. I do not retain my anger forever but delight in steadfast love.”

He has spoken to me through Peter and Paul and the New Testament writers. He speaks to me through dead saints who knew Him and honored His name such as Augustine, Calvin, Luther, Jonathan Edwards and George Whitfield.

So God speaks to me through His word and through men who love His word and I think God spoke to me through Abraham Piper. So I will begin a blog. Not because we need another one and not because the world wants to know what I think. I begin this blog because I want to reflect the glory of God in all things. Because I was not created to be alone. Because God may use you to sharpen my thinking about Him and to grow me more in knowledge and love for Him.

Feel free to interact, to complement and contradict. Just speak the truth in love and in all that you and I do, may we seek to bring glory and praise to our incredible Creator. The God that Nahum reminds us is ‘slow to anger, great in power and jealous for our affections’. (Nahum 1:2-3)


6 responses to “Beginning the Blog

  1. bless your blog!

    I’ve found that the most prominent reason God inspired me to blog was always for myself. to prepare me. work on me.

    sure, other people may have benefitted a few times along the way. but he primarily used my blog to work on me. and as a way to remind me of the journey on which he’d taken me.

  2. Who is Abraham Piper? Any relation to John? I noticed his website is a desiring God site.

  3. Yes, Abraham is John’s birth and prodigal son. He has a great story and advice to parents who are dealing with prodigals. I ahve passed it on to people who were hurting and they’ve siad that it helped. here it is…

    Now he manages the Desiring God website.


  4. I really like it that you refer to Lisa as your “help-meat!”

    Love the blog.

  5. Welcome to,”How God uses children to teach lessons to adults 101″. Many times have I heard His voice over my shoulder as I have dealt with my children. I said with impatience to my children, “How many times do I have to tell you this?”. God whispers to me, “How many times have I told you something before you obey?”
    This is one of the reasons I am so passionate about integrating children into the church body.
    God uses them to edify the body of Christ in unexpected ways.

    I hope you get a good response to your blog. God is going to use you in amazing ways! Keep listening and responding!

  6. Thanks Connie!

    John Riley … Darn Microsoft spell check!

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