Serving On God’s Jury Duty

God has a distinct sense of humor. Have you noticed? I sure have. I’ve been preaching through the book of Malachi recently and marvel at the ability of a prophet who preached 400 years before the birth of Christ to convict the hearts of us who live 2,000 years after His resurrection. But God’s word is good and it always accomplishes the purpose for which it is sent. (Isaiah 55:10-11)

Malachi speaks of God’s electing love upon the people of Israel. He speaks of God as a Father who deserves honor and a master who deserves our fear, reverence and obedience and respect. He warns us to repent of hearts harboring careless worship of our awesome God and reminds us to be faithful to one another in the church and in our marriages.

Then, last week I preached through a great text in Malachi 2:17 where the prophet’s audience asked, “Where is the God of justice?” I went on for a while about how God is the only just being in the universe and our pitiful ignorance of the totality of injustice, suffering, crime and evil happening at any given moment on our planet makes us pitiful judges and unworthy of questioning God at all. That’s all true. I didn’t make it up.

But back to God’s sense of humor…

I remembered on Monday that earlier this month I got a summons for jury duty. The instructions said to call the Maricopa County Court on Wednesday, April 30 to see if I needed to report for duty the following day. So I called today. And I have been summoned for jury duty tomorrow.

I wanted to complain. But God, don’t you know how much work I still have to do? I need tomorrow to study for Sunday’s sermon. I’m behind as it is already. Nobody likes jury duty. Then God reminded me of a sermon I preached with my own lips on Sunday and my heart was changed. I was rebuked.

So where is the Sovereign God of Justice? Seated securely and majestically on His throne. Perhaps with a smile on His face. Perhaps speaking to me. “Yes Heath, you are correct.” “No human can question me. I am just and holy because I AM! But I have called you to me and chosen you just as I chose Jacob. I have placed my Holy Spirit within you. So, quit complaining and go. Go and reflect my justice. Judge well according to my laws. Remember that you will someday judge the angels and all who’ve rebelled against me. (1 Cor. 6:2-3) So go in my Name and do my will on earth, in the Maricopa County Courtroom, just as it is done in Heaven.

I have my marching orders. Straight from the throne room of God. He has called me to glorify Him by reflecting the infinite greatness of His laws, commands, statutes and measures. (see Psalm 119) Tomorrow. In a courtroom. In His presence. I need to practice. The angels are waiting.


3 responses to “Serving On God’s Jury Duty

  1. barb francis/alias St. Francis

    the angels are indeed waiting – and when you speak to the HeartySoul crowd i know they would like you to share that thought

  2. Yes, God does have a sense of humor and probably laughs often at our feeble efforts to define Him. I suspect He is probably saying, “Okay, Heath, ready for your next lesson?”

  3. We are so thankful that God has led us to Mosiac! It is, indeed, an answer to prayer! I am looking forward to reading your thoughts and teachings via the blogosphere :-) God bless.

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