Everybody Sins…but Jesus Saves!

How old do you need to be before you begin to share the gospel? How much of the Bible do you need to know? How well do you need to polish your presentation? Do you even have to be a Christian? I ask these questions because I think my two and a half year old daughter (Natalie) may be an evangelist.

Now I’m sure as of yet, she’s unconverted. Her sin nature still appears to dominate her daily routine. She’s not even potty trained for goodness sake! However, she seems to get the basic message of the gospel and unlike many of us regenerated Christians, she’s not to shy to share it with strangers.

A few nights ago, we had new babysitter over. It was the first time she met our girls and her first visit to our house. The girls were giving the babysitter a tour of the house pointing out the Barbie collection, snack drawer, toy baskets and Crayola supplies when our youngest got really excited and demanded that everyone stop talking so that she could speak.

Beaming with excitement she turned to face our new babysitter and proudly proclaimed the message that appeared to burn in her soul…Everybody sins, but Jesus saves!

That was it. That’s her extensive knowledge of the gospel. TULIP to her is still just a pretty flower. But she’s right. She’s got the basic gist of the gospel message. Everybody sins, but Jesus saves.

The thing that strikes me as I recall the scenario is how unapologetic and energetic she is as she makes the statement. Many Christians are simply scared to tell people about sin. Even those who share the gospel more frequently than others seem to want to minimize or bypass ‘sin’ in a hurry to get to the happy ending about how much Jesus loves us. But the gospel isn’t about you. It isn’t about me. It’s not about humanity and us at it’s center.

It’s about God. The gospel is about God.

It’s about making much of God and His greatness, His mercy, His justice, His sacrifice, His all-consuming glory! He is the one who saves. We are simply those He has saved. In sharing the gospel we must intentionally make much of Him and little of us. We’re the guilty and offending party. He is the rescuing and redeeming King.

Everybody sins…but Jesus saves!

Don’t worry. We’re not going to market her by calling up the blue haired lady on the wacky religious channel. Rather, we are going to work in our home to live out the gospel in our marriage and parenting. We’ll continue to teach her what that statement means and where it’s found in scripture. And maybe God will continue to teach us through her. Maybe He will remind me to unapologetic, energetic and unafraid when He asks me to share that statement with strangers.

Oh, and it doesn’t appear that Natalie is in the same league as Billy Graham or D.L. Moody just yet. The babysitter didn’t make a profession of faith in Christ. She just thought it was cute. Who knows though what God can do through my daughter?

Luke 18:16-17 (ESV) 16 But Jesus called them to him, saying, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God. 17 Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.”


2 responses to “Everybody Sins…but Jesus Saves!

  1. God has such a great sense of humor that he would give us a message (or ammunition) that we could pontificate on for years or sum up in five words. And all he cares about is the heart in the telling.

  2. How true and how clean the heart of a child with their belief. May we all be like Nat! Great message Heath!

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